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Staff Profesional - Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Maurice Pellegrin

Dental Implants and Periodontics

A graduate of San Martin de Porres University, Dr. Maurice Pellegrin has participated in multiple postgraduate courses in implant prosthetics, dental esthetics and oral rehabilitation both in Peru and abroad. His approach combines Digital Photography and Smile Design to treat the smiles of his patients in a harmonious and minimally invasive way. In addition, it analyzes the aesthetic and functional aspects of each case in a personalized way, achieving effective and durable results.

dr jesus ochoa

Dr. Jesús Ochoa

Director of Oral Rehabilitation

Dr. Jesus Ochoa is the most highly recognized dentist in Peru. He graduated from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and is a pioneer of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry in Peru.

He has designed the smiles of celebrities, politicians, musicians and beauty queens of an entire generation. He is a fellow member of the International Academy for Facial and Dental Esthetics and is Reagent to the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. He has won numerous awards, including “Dentist of the Century” in Peru.
His approach is to reestablish the function of the masticatory system and the aesthetics of the smile, thus improving the lifestyle of his patients.