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Blanqueamiento Dental

One of the treatments with the greatest social impact and at the same time the least invasive and safe.
Although there is a lot of publicity and many offers in the market, behind the whitening exists a science that must be well understood and managed by the one who executes it. Only in this way can we achieve the smile with white teeth that you have always wanted.

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Does dental whitening hurt?

Yes and no. Some people experience dental sensitivity to a greater or lesser degree, while others feel nothing at all. It is difficult to predict whether a patient will have sensitivity or not, but if there are unfavorable conditions (such as a history of sensitivity to cold or heat, gum retractions, fracture lines, etc.) these can be treated early to reduce the risk of sensitivity to a minimum by using desensitizing rinses and pastes, for example. If there was sensitivity during treatment, this is only temporary and it is not an indication that the teeth are being damaged.

Does dental whitening damage teeth?

No, not at all! Dental whitening is a very safe treatment, as long as it is supervised by a well-trained professional.

How long will the results last?

This depends greatly on the eating habits of the patient: it will not be the same for a person who drinks ten cups of coffee a day (and for those who smoke two packs of cigarettes a day!) as for someone who does not. But for the average case, the results are long-lasting and may require a retouch only after several years.